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Indiana University Bloomington

Student Organization Accounts (SOA) provides fiscal oversight and banking/bookkeeping services to student organizations as recognized through the Student Life & Learning (formerly Student Activities) and the Residential Program and Services Offices. Additionally, the department works to provide customer service assistance to the organizations, various administrative offices and local merchants.


Due Date for SOA Materials
Your treasurer’s pencil pouch, current ledger, and SOA purchase card are due back to the SOA office by Friday April 14th, 2017. We understand that many organizations have big events the last two weeks of the semester. If you need an extension please e-mail with:
1. Student Organization Name
2. Exact Date that you would like to return the materials by, no later than May 5th (last day of school)
Remember all materials must be returned for auditing before you leave campus in May, no exceptions. If you have questions, please contact our office.
SOA Office Hours
Effective December 16th SOA will be open noon to 4PM. We will be available for email and phone calls 8-5.
Please Note
The Statement tab is no longer available. If you require your account balance your Treasurer or Advisor can request one by e-mail at or obtain one in our office.
Great news!
We have a new online training presentation. Under the training tab on the SOA website you will find a link to the presentation. At the end there is an 8 question quiz which you will need to complete. After all the questions are answered correctly an email will be sent to the SOA mail box and you will have completed the first step to becoming a treasurer! Here is what one treasurer had to say about this new service:

"I thought the training was really convenient to do online, and I like that I can go back and listen to sections if I come up with a situation I forgot how to handle in the future."
Discontinue SOAPay URLs
Discontinue use of any current SOAPay URLs your group has in your possession . The system is being shut down, and we cannot guarantee that the payments will be processed. Please contact the SOA office immediately to set up your organization in the new PayPal Store.
SOAPay Changes for Fall
With the start of the fall semester the SOAPay system will now be supported by PayPal. The last day to use the current SOAPay links is 8/26/16. Each organization wanting to continue use of the SOAPay service will need to complete a new application providing the SOA Office with further details on the items to be sold in the new Student Organizations’ PayPal store.
Student Org Accounts no longer tax exempt
Student Organization Accounts are no longer eligible for Indiana State Sales Tax Exemption.
What does this mean to you?
* Student organizations will be required to pay sales tax on purchases, unless the items are purchased from a wholesaler for resale.
* If student organizations are selling merchandise for profit or fundraising, they will be required to collect and remit sales tax.