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Indiana University Bloomington

Student Organization Accounts (SOA) provides fiscal oversight and banking/bookkeeping services to student organizations as recognized through the Student Life & Learning (formerly Student Activities) and the Residential Program and Services Offices. Additionally, the department works to provide customer service assistance to the organizations, various administrative offices and local merchants.


Returning Treasurer Materials for End of Semester
April 16th is the deadline for turning in your organization's SOA materials (Purchase Card, Completed Ledger, & Pencil Pouch). All accounts are audited during the summer and prepared for the new academic year. Please e-mail starting April 8th if you need an extension. All materials must be returned by the time you leave campus in May.
SOAPay Changes Effective January 1, 2014
First, the per transaction processing fee to the buyer will increase to $1.00 per transaction effective January 1st (currently $.50 per transaction). Second, all of the organizations using this service will be charged $5 per month to help cover the banking fees for this service, assessed once per semester. For a complete list of student organizations currently using SOAPay, please visit the “Contact” tab.
SOAPay/Credit Card Payments
Does your Student Organization need to accept credit cards for dues, t-shirts, trip payments, entry fees, uniforms, etc.? Contact the SOA Office for more information about the SOAPay system.