Policies for student orgs at IU

Student organizations at Indiana University are considered in three ways:

  • Self-Governed Student Organizations are considered separate organizations and must register annually and agree to and operate under the terms of the SGSO Agreement. SGSOs may receive a range of benefits from the university by participating in the SGSO process.
  • University Student Organizations are treated as operating units of Indiana University and are required to comply with all university policies. USOs are entitled to administrative services as a university unit, use of the Indiana University name, and additional use of IU branding.
  • Non-registered student organizations do not receive the privileges or benefits of SGSOs or USOs. However, they are free to assemble in areas of the campus that are open to them as students of the university and reserve campus space for events under the same terms and conditions as other third-party groups.

Read the university’s Student Organization Policy for a more thorough explanation of the types of student organizations at IU, including requirements and benefits for each type.

SGSO agreement

Student organizations that are separate from Indiana University (SGSOs) must register annually and operate under the Self-Governed Student Organization Agreement in order to receive benefits such as:

  • Eligibility to apply for and receive student activity fee funding
  • Priority use of university facilities and services
  • Approved IU student organization branding elements
  • A network ID and email address
  • Accounting management assistance

Student Organization Administration policies

SOA reserves the right to shut down any account misusing funds or not complying with Student Organization Administration policies. Needed action will be taken with Student Ethics, IU Internal Audit, and/or University Counsel.

If your student organization will be purchasing soda, juice, or bottled water for any meetings, events, or activities on campus, you must purchase Coca-Cola beverage products including Dasani Water, Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper, Mello Yello, Fanta, Fresca, Minute Maid, Vitaminwater, Monster Brands, Gold Peak, FUZE, Honest Tea, and Powerade. If you have questions, please contact our office.

Keep the ledger current. Enter all payment requests, deposits, organization transfers, and adjustments at the time of the transaction.

Verify your ledger against your statement to help prevent errors. Please request an up-to-date statement from the SOA office.

Enter all adjustments into your ledger immediately upon receiving notification from the SOA office that: a deposit amount has been adjusted, a payment request has been voided, a payment request amount has been changed, a check has been returned by the bank as dishonored, or an adjustment has been made to your account.

It is your responsibility to collect the funds for any returned checks and to deposit the new funds into your account.

All funds collected for your organization (dues, donations, t-shirt sales, etc.) must be deposited into your SOA account.

Checks must be made payable to the organization. Do not accept checks payable to yourself, Indiana University, or the Student Organization Accounts office.

Do not take cash collected and make purchases directly for your organization.

Prepare a deposit slip listing all funds to be credited to your account. Include the income code to explain the source of the funds.

Deposits should be made on a timely basis and brought to the SOA office in the Poplars Building, W109.

Cash deposits should be made within 24 to 48 hours after collection.

A student organization should not be solely funded by a department or university funds.

SOA funds may NEVER be used to make personal purchases, to purchase alcoholic beverages, or to purchase tobacco products.

If a vendor notifies SOA of a delinquent bill, the treasurer will be notified. If the bill is not paid in a timely manner, SOA reserves the right to pay the bill out of the account and notify the treasurer. The organization will be liable for any late fees incurred.

The account ledger must be turned in to the SOA office when a treasurer vacates the position, when requested by SOA, and/or at the end of each school year.

Once a student organization account has been inactive for two full fiscal years, it is moved into inactive status with SOA. These accounts can be reactivated within an additional three-year window. Once the account has reached a total of five fiscal years as inactive, it is no longer available to be reopened.

The Office of IU Licensing and Trademarks has created a special logo for student organizations to use on printed material, clothing, etc, in order to denote that the student organization is registered at IU.

Student organizations are not permitted to use the Indiana University logos.

Download the logo for student organizations

Payment requests must be submitted through the online payment request system.

Payment requests must be accompanied by proper documentation:

  • A detailed invoice or statement from the merchant showing the total due and items purchased (organization meeting minutes or further explanation may be required upon request)
  • A properly completed reimbursement form and all detailed paid receipts showing the total to be reimbursed
  • A statement of service and a W-9 form for payment of services rendered

Documentation is to be sent to the SOA office, Poplars Building W109, to be matched with your pending payment request.

Payment requests lacking required documentation will not be processed and will be returned to the treasurer for further review.

Payment requests must be approved by the treasurer and by the advisor. Treasurers will complete the online request form which will automatically forward the transactions to the organization’s advisor.

Allow three business days from the time the payment request is approved by the advisor, documentation is received, and is noted as processing indicating receipt by the SOA office for a payment to be processed.

Allow a minimum of two to four weeks for Statement of Service payments to be processed. Funds MUST be in your account to cover each payment request. SOA will not write a check which will overdraw your account.

All student organization events involving children MUST be registered under the Indiana University Programs Involving Children Policy, and all volunteer/employee policies MUST be followed.

A motor vehicle records check MUST be completed through the Insurance, Loss Control and Claims Office when renting from IU Fleet Services, Enterprise, or driving a personal vehicle on an organization event/trip.